The process is working

My eating habits have taken a bit of a turn for the worst. I think it is just part of an awkward transition from structured to unstructured days. I’ll hit the weigh scale tomorrow to see how much energy I have pre-boarded over the past week 🙂 I know I’m not going to be fit when I get to Kenya but I would at least like to look the part of a distance runner.

I increased my mileage from 5.5k on Tuesday to 8k on Saturday, while also performing form and strength drills. The weather was cool and/or wet from Wednesday on so I decided to wear my Saucony racing flats. These flats feel approximately barefoot so I think I’ll continue running this way. I may drop in a few barefoot sessions here and there.

On Saturday I did my 8k up and down Centre Street, which is 800 meter hill of low/medium grade. Hill running naturally lends itself to proper technique which is therefore ideal for my rebuilding phase. This run also permitted me to get my heart rate up for 4 x 3 minute repeats, hopefully producing a mild training effect.

On Tuesday the Kenya High Commission in Ottawa called me to say my visa application was incomplete. Missing was my passport and a letter from the High Altitude Training Centre (HATC) outlining my itinerary. Having never applied for a visa before I didn’t realize they needed my passport and I guess I didn’t read the instructions well enough. The passport issue was easily sorted out care of Canada Post. Getting a letter from the HATC, however, has been a bigger challenge than I anticipated. I did my best to get the wheels in motion, but I became frustrated because I didn’t think HATC was working quick enough to accommodate my error!

The obvious lesson is not procrastinating with important things like visa applications. Less obviously, I learned the path of least stress is to do my best and then let the universe sort it out. After all, what else can you do after you’ve done everything you can?

Running for the week =

  • Monday: 5.5k barefoot
  • Tuesday: 5.5k barefoot
  • Wednesday: 6.0k flats
  • Thursday: 6.5k flats
  • Friday: 7.0k flats
  • Saturday: 8.0k flats
  • Sunday: 8.0k flats
  • TOTAL: 46.5k

I feel good about the progress I’m making on several fronts. I’m excited for the week to come, and I hope yours is full of fun and adventure.


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