Access granted

The Kenya High Commission approved my visa application! And with that important detail sorted out I purchased my flight from Nairobi to Eldoret. My mind is now focused on the adventure that awaits me. I have planned just enough to get to Iten. The rest will happen when I get there.

My training starts today, which really just means I’m cutting out the sweets and eating less in general. Becoming recently unemployed messed with my head and eating was something that comforted me. Those who know me can testify to my enormous capacity for junk food. Some people report physical discomfort from too much of a good thing, but I don’t! I will continue my running build up with lots of hills. I’ll also work on my new running gait at faster speeds.

My initial plan in Iten is to continue building a base, and then start a 12-14 week marathon build up. I will likely run the Scotiabank Toronto Marathon on October 18th (my 40th birthday!). There are many people for me to train with in Calgary, which makes the challenging long runs easier to complete. But my current fitness puts me on par with Kenyan children and their grandparents. However, I am encouraged that Adharanand Finn was able to find a training group. I also have a phone number of a local runner who will take me on long runs for a small fee.

I’m already working on my packing list as I don’t imagine Iten is a great place to purchase any items I left behind. Top of the list: sun screen! At 8,000 feet elevation I will burn very quickly. Other than that, I really just need running shoes, shorts, shirts, and socks. I’ll also bring my computer so that I can keep this blog rolling along.

Running for the week ending May 24:

  • Monday: —
  • Tuesday: — (14k of hiking, with 4800 feet of vertical)
  • Wednesday: 8.5k
  • Thursday: 9.0k (6 x Curling Club hill)
  • Friday: 10.0k easy
  • Saturday: 10.5k easy
  • Sunday: AM – 12k (6 x 800 metre Centre Street hill); PM – 8k. 20k total.
  • Total: 58k

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