Rollerblading, Dogs, and Flying

Men are wired to see reward before risk. This phenomenon has been proven by our stupid stunts, bar fighting, STDing, and even investing. I made my own contribution to the list this week. The following is the internal dialogue immediately preceding my decision to go inline skating on Friday:

Rational Jason: “Maybe this is a bad idea, you could break your arm right before Kenya.”

Idiot Jason: “Man, don’t be such a dink, you’ve done this 500 times before.”

Rational Jason: “Yeah, but only once in the last five years. But maybe it’s ok, if we go slow, and we wear a helmet and pads.”

Idiot Jason: “Man, you’re one of those bubble-wrapped jerks we make fun of. Just buckle up and go.”

Rational Jason: “Yeah, I see your point. Let’s effin’ give’r”

Idiot Jason: “Sweet. You’ll thank me later.”

As you can tell, Rational Jason is just a figment of Idiot Jason’s imagination.

The first 15k of my skate was actually really good. On my way home, however, a dog bolted from its owner, sprinting at full speed toward me and barking like mad. Thoroughly terrified, I neutralized the threat by slamming myself into the ground, hip and elbow first. Claiming victory, the dog returned dutifully to its owner. Phew. Dazed and confused I slowly got up and scanned for injuries. My right hip was really sore and my elbow was bloodied. But I was able to do an easy 12k immediately afterward so all is good.

The next time I do “airplane pose” will hopefully be in a jet. My journey to Kenya on Sunday starts with a 9 hour flight to Amsterdam, a 3 hour layover, and then an 8 hour flight to Nairobi. Tuesday morning I take a short flight to Eldoret. Finally, I take a short bus ride to Iten: Home of Champions. Then I run 1,000 kilometers.

I hope future entries will have some good photos, but it will depend on the speed of the internet connection at the HATC. Stay tuned!

Running for the week ending June 7 (total = 76k):

  1. Monday: 10k
  2. Tuesday: 11k easy
  3. Wednesday: 13k trail running with Alan (Moose Mountain)
  4. Thursday: 18k with lots of hills (4:20-4:25 pace on the flat parts)
  5. Friday:12k easy
  6. Saturday: 12k
  7. Sunday: None

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