Week 2 from Kenya

I wanted to post this on Sunday, but it wasn’t until Tuesday that I could get decent Wifi. Oh, the struggles in small-town Kenya 🙂

There was a track meet on Saturday at the famous Kamariny track to establish the Iten team for the district races next weekend. The 10,000 men’s race was won in 29:34, on a long (408m) and wet track. The eventual winners at the national level will compete in the World Championships in Beijing. Here is a picture of the first of two heats of the men’s 5,000. The first lap was run in 60 seconds!


I taught the Principal’s math class last Wednesday. The plan was to show up to his office 15 minutes before class to get the day’s topic. He wasn’t around so I just went the classroom and asked the students where they left off. I think I did a pretty good job as I had studied the entire book the preceding week. I will use the upcoming lessons on probability theory and sequences/series to explain to them what an actuary does for a living.

A few of us visited a running camp nearby last week. There are many such camps around Iten with a variety of sponsors and managers. The camp was nothing more than a few shacks for male/female dorms and a kitchen. It was pretty cool to see the monastic lifestyle of a full-time runner: run, eat, sleep. No distractions. The camps here are a far cry from the luxury of Lornah’s HATC. Few westerners could tolerate the true Kenyan running experience.

IMG_0903Run much?

I moved rooms because the lady next to me has the odd habit of singing for about 20 minutes between 3 and 4 am. The third night she sang I shouted “hello, hello” towards our common wall. Perhaps the 3 am sing-song is normal in some parts of Kenya. The same lady also likes to walk randomly between lanes 1 and 2 on the track. My prayers for patience have so far been answered.

I did two tempo workouts last week. My paces were about 20 seconds/k slower at altitude for the same effort in Calgary. I feel sufficiently acclimatized to do more aggressive speedwork next week. In total, I ran eight times in the last seven days. I had intended to do a long run Saturday and rest on Sunday (the local tradition), but I decided to run in Sing’ore forest Sunday with the folks with Kenyan Experience.


Running through Sing’ore Forest

After the forest run I joined two others for an afternoon at J.E.Kilgar Giraffe Park. The park has loads antelope, gazelles and fifteen giraffes. We were able to walk through the park on account there are no predatory animals around.


Running for the week ending June 21 (total = 94km):

  1. Monday: 8 easy
  2. Tuesday:
    • 11k am (6k tempo @ 4:00/k average)
    • 8k pm
  3. Wednesday: 14k easy/moderate
  4. Thursday: 14k (32 minutes steady state @ 4:20/k average)
  5. Friday: 10k easy
  6. Saturday: 12k easy
  7. Sunday: 17k through Sing’ore forest

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