Weeks 6/7 in Kenya

I’m safely back in Cowtown.

I concluded my Kenyan adventure with a safari in the Maasai Mara game reserve. I saw 5 lions, 6 cheetahs and 50,000 wildebeest. Oh, and a bunch of elephants, buffalo, hippos, warthogs, giraffes, antelope, gazelles, zebras, jackals, and so many other creatures I cannot name.  The coolest thing I saw was the Great Migration where over one million wildebeest negotiate the crocodile-invested Mara river over the course of a few months. We didn’t see any chase/kill scenes, but lot’s of action nonetheless. I guess the crocs and lions were well fed by then and all the dentists had gone home.

We were going to stop for a bathroom break until I spotted this cheetah hiding near a pond. He/she was nice enough to come up for some pictures.


My last two weeks of training went well. I did a 20 x (1 minute on, 1 minute off) fartlek with the big group that meets on Thursday mornings. It was a very tough session as it is speed and hills all in one workout. The top guys do 30 repeats. The top guys also run sub-2:10 for the marathon!

I wrapped up teaching just as the students were going into the interim exam period. The students sit for the national tests (the ones that really matter) in November. I really enjoyed the teaching experience and I think the students enjoyed a different perspective. I certainly enjoyed spending time with them. I was so impressed with the politeness and attentiveness of the kids at St. Patrick’s. Canada should go back to the Kenyan way. It is good.



Since being back in Calgary I have noticed how much more impact there is running on the pavement. It is no wonder we get injured so much. I’m going to try to do more mileage on the soft stuff even though that means driving around to find it.

I will close with a few cool pictures:



Jason Reed (2:51), Wilson Kipsang (2:03)

Jason Reed (2:51), Wilson Kipsang (2:03)


20150702_115509 20150702_102110



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