Gettin’ into the groove

I’ve had another two weeks of solid training. My body is recovering from the workouts and I generally feel well.  It will hopefully not be until late October that I test the limits of my training capacity.

I decided to run the Dino Dash 10k on Saturday. I’m a bit heavy and I haven’t raced since the Calgary 10k in May so I wasn’t expecting much. My goals were to get some race experience and see where my fitness is. When coming back from a break in racing I prefer to set myself up for a fast finish rather than go all out from the gun. It was a very windy day so I went out at an honest but conservative pace.  After 2k I was in 3rd place and it was clear that I was going to finish in either 2nd or 3rd, with zero chance of 1st. I slowly closed the gap on 2nd place and in the 7th km I made my move. There was no response from the guy I passed, but I knew he wasn’t falling apart so I did actually have to race the last 1/3, which was fun. I finished 20 seconds ahead of 3rd, and almost 2 minutes behind some young punk who was in a different time zone. Overall I’m pleased with my fitness. My effort was reasonable but not stellar. I like the Dino Dash because it supports the U of C track team and it’s fun to finish on the track. What I don’t like is that it doesn’t attract a lot of fast runners. I would much rather be in 50th place running in an aggressive pack, than by myself doing a time trial. On the other hand, I did win $75 of gift cards!

Week ending September 4th

Monday was a rest day.

Tuesday was 6k at lunch with 8×10 seconds hill sprints. I did 11k easy in the evening.

Wednesday was 25 minute split tempo. This workout was insanity on account of the huge storm that came through Calgary. I thought I may get my workout in just before the sky opened up, but boy was I wrong. Only one minute into the workout I got hit with a gale headwind. Then the rain. Then the hail. I was 20 seconds/k over pace, but it’s the effort that counts. I didn’t quit so I give myself extra points for mental toughness. I split the tempo after 13 minutes (it should have only taken 12 minutes!), and took a minute jogging break. On the way back the storm died down and the second half was much more pleasant.

Thursday was about 10k easy with drills.

Friday was nice fast one. 3 sets of  3x(600 meters fast, 30 seconds jogging), with about 3 minutes jog recovery between sets. 13k in total.

Saturday was an easy 8k after a 15k hike at Moose Mountain with Stephanie.

On Sunday I cut down the distance a lot, and did 22k, with the last 7k at target marathon pace.

Total distance: 85km

Weight: 125 pounds

Week ending September 11th

Monday was a rest day.

Tuesday was 17k easy.

Wednesday was 7 x 75 second hills. This was a very challenging workout.

Thursday was 13k easy.

Friday 10k easy with strides.

On Saturday I raced the Dino Dash 10k, and put in 18k overall.

On Sunday I ran 31k, which would have been more difficult had I actually race all out on Saturday.

Total distance: 101 km

Weight: 124 pounds

That’s all she wrote!


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